About Us

Granity Kisiel is a stonemason's, which specializes in granite tombstones production, and a granite wholesale.


Established about 30 years ago, out factory is a proof that hard and constant work bears fruit and results in creating a strong and respected brand. The tombstones we make, are placed not only on many local graveyards, but also in other parts of Poland. To meet the expectations of our clients, we offer a wide spectrum of stone colours and choice of patterns, from the most classic ones to very modern. Each tombstone can be adjusted according to needs of a client. Our specialists can be consulted to choose an appropriate sculpture, cross and vase. All tombstones are made in the factory.

Wholesale store

We run one of the biggest stocks of granite slabs in the north of Poland. Everyone who produces tombstones will be glad to know about our wholesale store because we may help to obtain hard-to-get materials, unavailable in other places. Our offer is about 15,000 square meters of granite slabs. For the mass production we use a multi-wire track and a mono-wire to cut non-standard thickness on a special request.